Happy Diwali Greetings

Happy Diwali Greetings to my friends and colleges from N G Nair Malanjkhand Copper Project India.

Diwali, which is known as the “Festival of Lights”, symbolises the triumph of light over darkness and is a time when people are brought together as a nation to strengthen the hand of goodwill across religions, races and creed.



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  1. Dear Sir,

    Good to c ur blogs at your website, I am really happy to get in contct with you through mail. I am a son of Mr. Radheshyam Thakur, one of an employee in Malanjkhand Copper project. my father is in a Shovel Section. It’s really let me feel alive to know that you care for your Hindustan Copper Family & get time out of such a hectic schedule & write for your perssonels & for yourself.

    Its really my honour to get directly in to contact to you.

    I am a working professional at Pune. I really appreciate quality of work malanjkhand has done in it’s past.

    Thanks Sir

    Devendra Thakur

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