Indian Copper Complex




Indian Copper Complex. INDIAN COPPER COMPLEX (ICC) P.O. Ghatsila . Dist.: Singhbhum (E), Jharkhand State. India.

This complex was established in 1930 by Indian Copper Corporation Ltd. In 1972, the Govt. of India nationalized the company and merged the same with Hindustan Copper Limited. web site


  • About N G Nair from thottakom Vaikom Kottayam 
  • Copper Mining Family from Malanjkhand Copper Project 
  • Drop Raising in Mining (VCR) Method
  • Hindustan Copper Limited to use bio-leaching tech for ore processing 
  • Indian Copper Complex 
  • Information Technology In Mining Industry 
  • Khetri Copper Complex 
  • Kolar Gold Fields 
  • Malanjkhand Copper Mine 
  • Malanjkhand Photo 
  • Mine Plan and Mine Design 
  • Mine Planning – N G Nair, Manager (Mines) Malanjkhand Copper Project
  • Research & Development Project Mining 
  • Surpac Mining Software Training at Malanjkhand
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    3 Responses

    1. Greetings,
      I recently discovered that my grand uncle (C.Maslamoney. Anthony) was a manager at the Indian Copper Corporation during the 1930’s (at Gatshila).
      Could you tell me how I could go about finding out more about him and the Indian Copper Corporation during the 1930’s.

      Thank you for your time.
      Keran Naidoo

    2. Greetings: do you know who ws the Indian Copper Corporation’s first manager was? (it must have been in the 1930’s)

      • I wouldn’t botther trying these Indian websites – they never answer/respond…May be they don’t understand your question? Courtesy is not big in India…Larry

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